Center for Labor and Employment Law

Future Plans

Future plans include the following:

  • A program for bringing visiting scholars to the Center for the purpose of embarking on empirical, fieldwork investigation of the human resources practices of leading US companies
  • An annual or biannual research conference on "Human Resources Management and Organizational Performance," bringing together experts from the nation's law schools, economics departments and business schools as well as representatives of major companies and unions for the purpose of sharing information about "best practices" in the utilization of human capital resources and fostering empirical, interdisciplinary research in human resources topics affecting organizational performance; topics include the design of internal systems for grievance resolution, teamwork and employee involvement initiatives, the costs and benefits of employment regulations, the sources of lagging industrial productivity, employee ownership, and the merits of productivity-based and other forms of variable pay
  • A Colloquium on Labor Markets, for the purpose of fostering dialogue among the University's labor lawyers, labor economists, industrial sociologists and experts in capital and financial markets, along with prominent practitioners from law firms, corporations, labor unions and government agencies
  • A professionally-edited/"peer review" Journal in Labor and Employment Law and Policy, for the purpose of encouraging empirical, interdisciplinary and policy-oriented contributions to the public debate