Institute of Judicial Administration

About Us

The Institute of Judicial Administration (IJA) was founded at New York University School of Law in 1952 as one of the first organizations committed to improving the administration of justice in the courts. Because of its reputation in the legal community and its relationship with federal and state judges throughout the country, the institute offers an unrivaled opportunity for dialogue between policymakers, judges, and academics.  IJA continues to pursue the goals set by Arthur Vanderbilt:

  • Coherence and predicatability in the law and its administration
  • High-quality continuing education programs for state and federal judges
  • Sustained dialogue among the various parts of the legal profession
  • Research on important public policy issues affecting the administration of justice

Faculty and Staff

Faculty Co-Directors

Oscar Chase
Russell D. Niles Professor of Law
Faculty Co-Director, Institute of Judicial Administration 

Samuel Estreicher 
Dwight D. Opperman Professor of Law
aculty Co-Director, Institute of Judicial Administration
Faculty Director, Center for Labor and Employment Law

Troy McKenzie
Professor of Law
Faculty Co-Director, Institute of Judicial Administration



Executive Director
Torrey L. Whitman

Associate Director
Allison Schifini (NYU Law '95)