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Amy M. Adler, Emily Kempin Professor of Law. She is a specialist in the legal regulation of art, sexuality and speech. Her scholarship focuses on the intersection of law and culture; her work draws on an array of fields, primarily from the arts and humanities, to explore legal questions. Adler’s recent articles have included analyses of nude dancing, obscenity, pornography, child pornography, “sexting,” moral rights, and art. She teaches Art Law, First Amendment Law, Feminist Jurisprudence, and Gender Jurisprudence. She is also on the faculty of the Visual Culture department at NYU.

Oren Bar-Gill, Evelyn and Harold Meltzer Professor of Law and Economics. His scholarship focuses on the law and economics of contracts and contracting. Bar-Gill served in the Israeli JAG, from 1997-1999, where he participated in criminal, administrative and constitutional proceedings before various courts including the Israeli Supreme Court and the IDF Court of Appeals.

Barton Beebe, John M. Desmarais Professorship of Intellectual Property Law and Co-Director of the Engelberg Center. His scholarship focuses on the doctrinal, empirical, and cultural analysis of intellectual property law.

Rochelle C. Dreyfuss, Pauline Newman Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Engelberg Center. She is a specialist in intellectual property with research and teaching interests in that area as well as in property, civil procedure, privacy, and the relationship between science and law.

Harry First, Charles L. Denison Professor of Law, Director of the Competition, Innovation, and Information Law LLM Program, and Co-Director of the Engelberg Center (on leave). He has been a faculty member at NYU School of Law since 1976, teaching courses in antitrust, regulated industries, international and comparative antitrust, business crime, and innovation policy. From 1999-2001 he served as Chief of the Antitrust Bureau of the Office of the Attorney General of the State of New York.

Eleanor M. Fox ’61, Walter J. Derenberg Professor of Trade Regulation, and Director of the Competition, Innovation, and Information Law LLM Program. She is a prominent antitrust and comparative competition law scholar. Her recent work includes articles on markets, globalization, developing countries and antitrust; the intersection of trade and competition; and the disjuncture between national law and global markets, and the role of networks in harmonization, convergence and bridging differences.

Jeanne Fromer, Professor of Law. Professor Fromer teaches in the areas of intellectual property and contracts. She specializes in intellectual property and information law, with particular emphasis on unified theories of copyright and patent law. In 2011, Professor Fromer was awarded the American Law Institute's inaugural Young Scholars Medal for her scholarship in intellectual property.

Stephen Gillers ’68, Elihu Root Professor of Law. He has been a professor of law at the NYU School of Law since 1978 and Vice Dean from 1999-2004. He does most of his research and writing on the regulation of the legal profession. His courses include Regulation of Lawyers, Evidence, and Law and Literature. He has written widely on legal and judicial ethics in law reviews and in the legal and popular press.

Lewis A. Kornhauser, Frank Henry Sommer Professor of Law. The range of subjects to which Kornhauser has applied microeconomic analysis is incredibly wide, including fundamental aspects of jurisprudence that may never have been looked at from this perspective. His publications include articles about corporate takeovers, divorce, and methods of assigning monetary values to human lives.

Andreas F. Lowenfeld, Herbert and Rose Rubin Professor of International Law Emeritus. The topics that Lowenfeld has addressed in five decades of practice and scholarship are so diverse that it is impossible to label their author's "field." A random sampling of his recent writings includes: transborder kidnapping, investor-state dispute settlement, economic sanctions, enforcement of foreign judgments, and the International Monetary System. His books cover aviation law, public international law, international economic law, private international law, and arbitration.

Florencia Marotta-Wurgler ’01, Professor of Law. Her teaching and research interests are contracts, electronic commerce, privacy online, law and economics, and commercial law. Her current research focuses on standard form contracting online.

Jason M. Schultz, Associate Professor of Clinical Law and Director of NYU's Technology Law & Policy Clinic. His clinical projects, research, and writing primarily focus on the ongoing struggles to balance intellectual property and privacy law with the public interest in free expression, access to knowledge, and innovation in light of new technologies and the challenges they pose.

Christopher J. Sprigman, Professor of Law. Professor Sprigman teaches intellectual property law, antitrust law, competition policy and comparative constitutional law. His scholarship focuses on how legal rules affect innovation and the deployment of new technologies.

Katherine J. Strandburg, Alfred B. Engelberg Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Engelberg Center. She concentrates her teaching and research in the areas of intellectual property law, cyberlaw, and information privacy law. She is particularly interested in understanding how the law in these areas might accommodate and reflect the importance of collaborative and emergent collective behavior. She is licensed to practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Alan O. Sykes, Robert A. Kindler Professor of Law. A leading expert on the application of economics to legal problems, Sykes has focused his research on international economic relations. His writing and teaching have encompassed international trade, torts, contracts, insurance, antitrust, and economic analysis of law. He currently serves as reporter for the American Law Institute Project on Principles of Trade Law: The World Trade Organization.

Diane L. Zimmerman, Samuel Tilden Professor of Law Emeritus. Issues of civil liberties—particularly women’s rights, and freedom of speech and conscience—propelled Zimmerman from journalism into law, and she has taught, lectured, and written extensively on all of these subjects. Her other major area of academic specialization is intellectual property.


Affiliated Faculty

Michael E. Levine, Distinguished Research Scholar and Senior Lecturer, NYU School of Law. He has done pioneering research on airline deregulation, on the application of market mechanisms to airport congestion, on committees and agendas and on the origins of regulation and the behavior of regulatory agencies.

Helen Nissenbaum, Professor, NYU Media, Culture and Communication, and Computer Science and Director of the Information Law Institute. Her areas of expertise span social, ethical, and political implications of information technology and digital media.


Visiting Faculty [2013-2014]

Stefan Bechtold, Professor of Intellectual Property at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Stefan Bechtold's research interests include intellectual property, law and technology, telecommunications law, and antitrust law, as well as law & economics. Professor Bechtold will teach Technology Law and Policy and co-teach, with Professor Katherine Strandburg, Innovation Law and Economics spring 2014.

Dennis Davis, Judge Davis is the Judge President (Chief Judge) of the Competition Appeal Court, which is the highest court for antitrust/competition law in South Africa. He also serves as an appellate judge on the Labour Appeal Court. During his career as an academic which continues at the University of Cape Town as a professor of law, Davis has taught in a wide range of fields including legal theory, constitutional law, competition law, labour law, taxation and company law. Professor Davis will co-teach, with Professor Eleanor Fox, Colloquium on Globalization, Economic Development, and Markets spring 2014.

Daniel Rubinfeld, Robert L. Bridges Professor of Law and Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. Professor Rubinfeld teaches courses in antitrust and law and statistics. He served from June 1997 through December 1998 as Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust in the US Department of Justice. Professor Rubinfeld will teach Antitrust Law & Economics Seminar and Quantitative Methods fall 2013.


Adjunct Faculty

Jane Anderson, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Department of Anthropology
David Bernstein, Partner, Debevoise & Plimpton
Wayne Dale Collins, Partner, Shearman & Sterling
Catherine Crump, Staff Attorney, ACLU Speech, Privacy & Technology Project
Nicholas Gordon, Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo
Nicholas Groombridge, Partner, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison
Michael J. Kasdan, Partner, Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein
Barbara Kolsun, Executive Vice-President and General Counsel, Stuart Weitzman
Patricia A. Martone, Partner, Morrison & Foerster
David McCraw, Assistant General Counsel, The New York Times
David Pashman, General Counsel, Meetup
Ira Rubinstein, Adjunct Professor and Senior Fellow, Information Law Institute, NYU School of Law
Irving Scher, Senior Counsel, Greenberg Traurig
Herbert F. Schwartz, Retired Partner, Ropes & Gray
Rose H. Schwartz, Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo
Elizabeth S. Weiswasser, Partner, Weil, Gotshal & Manges
Ben Wizner, Director, ACLU Speech, Privacy & Technology Project

Visiting/Global Faculty [Previous]

Jonathan Baker: Antitrust Law, spring 2010

Daniel Crane: US Antitrust and Intellectual Property, fall 2007

Josef Drexl: Intellectual Property and Competition Law and co-taught with Professor Fox European Union: Economic Law, fall 2007

Niva Elkin-Koren: Copyright Law in the Digital Era, spring 2010

Michal Gal: Competition Law and Policy in Emerging Markets, fall 2007

Annette Kur: Comparative Trademark; co-taught with Professor Dreyfuss International Intellectual Property Law, spring 2009

Christopher Leslie: Antitrust Law and Antitrust Law and Intellectual Property, spring 2008

Dotan Oliar: Copyright Law, fall 2010; Intellectual Property Theory Seminar and Survey of Intellectual Property, spring 2011

R. Anthony Reese: Copyright Law, spring 2008; Copyright Law, spring 2009

Pamela Samuelson: Copyright Law, fall 2011; Copyright Reform Seminar, fall 2011

Suzanne Scotchmer: Innovations, spring 2008

Howard Shelanski: Antitrust in High-Tech Industries and Antitrust Law, spring 2009

Christopher Jon Sprigman: Innovation Without IP Seminar, spring 2013

E. Thomas Sullivan: Antitrust Law: Complex Litigation Strategies Seminar, spring 2012

Philip Weiser: Law & Innovation Seminar and Telecommunication Law, fall 2008

Jonathan Zittrain: Cyberlaw: Internet Points of Control, spring 2008

Executive Director

Christopher Wong
Prior to joining NYU School of Law, Christopher was a postgraduate fellow at the Institute for Information Law & Policy at New York Law School, as well as a visiting fellow at both the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University and the Yale Law School Information Society Project. He is also currently the lead researcher of Open Patent, a National Science Foundation-funded program to explore the use of user-generated tags in improving access to and understanding of patent information. He previously served as the founding project manager of Peer to Patent, an initiative allowing the public to contribute to the US Patent and Trademark Office’s patent examination process. Chris also produced nationally recognized conferences like Innovate/Activate, an event series that focused on improving global welfare through the thoughtful consideration of intellectual property. He has a JD from New York Law School, and a BSBA in Information Technology from the University of Denver.


The Engelberg Fellowship Program is handled through The Hauser Global Visitors Program. For more information about the Program and for application instructions visit http://www.law.nyu.edu/global/globalvisitorsprogram/index.htm. Any questions regarding the Fellowship Program should be directed to globalvisitors@exchange.law.nyu.edu.

2013-2014 Global Engelberg Research Fellows Susy Frankel
Barbara Lauriat (fall semester)
Judit Sándor (fall semester)
Paul Scott

Global Engelberg Research Fellows

Engelberg Fellow

Hagit Bulmash
Valeria Guimaraes de Lima e Silva
Ariel Katz
Dr. Lital Helman
2010-2011 Global Engelberg Research Fellows Antonina Bakardijieva Engelbrekt
César Rodríguez-Garavito
Tal Zarsky
2009-2010 Global Engelberg Research Fellows Wolfgang Kerber
Mira Sundara Rajan


Global Engelberg Fellow

Claudia Schmidt

2007-2008 Senior Engelberg Fellow Stephen Maurer


Global Engelberg Research Fellow Dr. Nicola Lucchi
2005-2006 Global Engelberg Fellow from Practice Rufus Pichler
2001-2002 Engelberg Fellows

Donald Brown Fellow
Fish & Neave Fellow
Poonam Gupta
Alan Toner
Gaia Bernstein
Gregory M. Pomerantz
2000-2001 Engelberg Fellows

Fish & Neave Fellow
Cooper & Dunham Fellow
Markus Frick
Bart Lintermans
Barbara Lendl
William A. Delgado
Carla Miriam Levy
1999-2000 Engelberg Fellows

Donald Brown Fellow
Fish & Neave Fellow
Cooper & Dunham Fellow
Gavan G. Gravesen
Georg Reitboeck
Michael D. Birnhack
Michael J. Kasdan
Lawrence Frank
1998-1999 Engelberg Fellows

Donald Brown Fellow
Fish & Neave Fellow
Minas Michalovits
Hisanori Oguri
Michael D. Birnhack
Kevin E. Keller
1997-1998 Engelberg Fellows Anne-Marie Allgrove
Patricia Prior
1996-1997 Engelberg Fellows Diana Diasparra
Martin Pedersen
1995-1996 Engelberg Fellow Judith Prowda