Colloquium on Innovation Policy

Professors Rochelle Dreyfuss and Harry First


Spring 2003

The general purpose of the Colloquium on Innovation Policy is to explore the legal and policy tools which are available to encourage innovation. The primary legal tool, of course, is intellectual property law, but other legal regimes and other public policies can also have a significant impact on innovation.

January 30, 2003 Graeme W. Austin, University of Arizona Law School
Trademarks and the Burdened Imagination
February 6, 2003

Mark Janis, University of Iowa Law School
Jurisdiction and Choice of Law in Antitrust/Intellectual Property Disputes

February 13, 2003

Arti Rai, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Antitrust Problems in the Biotechnology Industry

February 20, 2003 Rosemarie Ziedonis, University of Michigan Business School
Cross-licensing in the Semiconductor Industry
March 6, 2003 Joseph Brodley, Boston University Law School
Antitrust Analysis of Patent Settlements
March 27, 2003

Keith Maskus, World Bank
Problems Patents Pose for Developing Countries

April 10, 2003 Karen Williams, European Union
Mergers in Innovative Industries in the United States and the European Union   

2 New York CLE Credits are available in the area of Professional Practice for each colloquium you attend.