Colloquium on Innovation Policy

Professors Yochai Benkler and Diane Zimmerman

Spring 2001

January 18, 2001 Neil Netanel
Market Hierarchy, Copyright, and Our System of Free Expression
January 25, 2001 Jane Ginsburg
The Exclusive Right to Their Writings': Copyright and the Rhetoric of Control
February 1, 2001 Julie Cohen
Intellectual Property, Information Privacy, and Intellectual Freedom
February 8, 2001 Marci Hamilton
Information: The Revolution That Wasn't
February 15, 2001 Ed Baker
An Economic Critique of International Free Trade in Media Products and the Further Commodification of Discourse   

February 27, 2001

Eben Moglen
Anarchist Production, Anarchist Distribution: Free Software and the Internet Society
March 8, 2001 Josh Lerner
March 15, 2001 Jessica Litman
Digital Copyright and Napster: the War Between Old and New Media     

2 New York CLE Credits are available in the area of Professional Practice for each colloquium you attend.