What the Center Does

The Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy provides a unique environment where scholars can examine the key drivers of innovation as well as the law and policy that best support innovation. By fostering interdisciplinary and collaborative research on innovation law and policy, the Engelberg Center attracts legal scholars and practitioners, technologists, economists, social scientists, physical scientists, historians, innovators, and industry experts who study, theoretically and empirically, the incentives that motivate innovators, how those incentives vary among different types of creative endeavor, and the laws and policies that help or hinder them. Each semester the Engelberg Center sponsors a series of invitation-only talks by faculty on works in progress.

News & Announcements

Congratulations to Carl Mazurek ’17, winner of the Walter J. Derenberg Prize, which is awarded to the graduating student having the highest academic grade in the area of copyright law.  Julia Reeves and Katherine Nemeth ’17 won the Jack J. Katz Memorial Award honoring the students who demonstrated excellence in the field of entertainment law. 

Mathilde Hallé LLM '17 was awarded the Frank T. Diersen Prize for Distinction in the LLM Competition, Innovation, and Information Law Program.  Hannah Pham LLM ’17 won Second Prize in the 2017 Honorable William Conner Writing Competition, sponsored by the New York Intellectual Property Law Association, for her article, entitled “Standing Up for Stand-Up Comedy:  Joke Theft and The Relevance of Copyright Law and Social Norms in the Social Media Age.” 

Read the Center's 2017 Annual Report.

Stream the panel discussion at our September 28 program "A Conversation With the EPO and the USPTO on the Patent Eligibility of Life Sciences Inventions."

Read Rochelle Dreyfuss in Slate:  Should the Patent and Trademark Office Be Allowed to Change its Mind?

Hear Jason Schultz discuss his new book:  The End of Ownership

Stream the panel discussion at our March 28 program "The CRISPR Patent Battle: Implications for Downstream Innovation in Gene Editing."

Upcoming Event

Spring 2018

Innovation Policy Colloquium     



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