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NYU@NUS Student Career Curriculum

The Office of Career Services (OCS) provides a variety of career services for students and alumni of the Law School’s Graduate Programs in order to help them find a private sector position consistent with their career goals. The Public Interest Law Center (PILC) at the Law School provides all advice regarding public interest careers.

Before You Arrive at NYU@NUS

Incoming students are sent a letter introducing Office of Career Services (OCS) services and how and when to get started in job search. Students wishing to have resumes reviewed by our office should follow instructions in this mailing for submitting their resumes.

Summer Semester

Resume Review: Resumes are reviewed by OCS counselors over the summer, with feedback provided via email.

Job Search Workshop: You will receive an automated presentation of our NYU@NUS Job Search Workshop informing you how to perform the job search, how to research employers (firms, corporations, government), how to draft résumés, cover letters and other job search correspondence, and how to network and build connections. These workshops are online and available for students to watch at your convenience.

Fall Semester

Interview Skills Workshops: Group presentations specially targeted to LL.M. students giving advice on interview skills, questions interviewers commonly ask, questions the student can ask the employers (presented in New York available via webstream on OCS website). Students may also watch the workshop from prior years online if you wish to start your interview preparation early.

NYU@NUS Resume Directory: Resumes of NYU@NUS students are reviewed and compiled into a directory for distribution to employers throughout the course of the year.

Asia Job Fair Introductory Information distributed via email.

Practice Interview Evenings: practicing attorneys and NYU Law alumni from Singapore firms, companies and organizations come to NYU@NUS to conduct practice interviews with students (20 minutes of interview, 10 minutes of feedback).

Employer Panel - Finding a Job as a Foreign-Trained Attorney: Group presentation by New York employers to International students with advice for the job search. ((presented in New York available via webstream on OCS website).

Asia Job Fair: Program hosting major legal employers from across Asia to interview NYU@NUS students for positions in their offices around the world or host information tables where students can learn more about the practice and drop off a resume. f:\plc\document\marketing\website\2009\nyu@nus career curriculum 2009.docx

Spring Semester & Post-Graduation

Post-Graduation Job Search Information: information specially targeted to graduate students with tips on performing the job search post-graduation.

Available Year-Round

Individual Counseling Appointments: one-on-one career and interview skills advice is available with an OCS career counselor throughout the year, for both current LL.M. students and LL.M. alumni. Items discussed may include job search plans, employer research techniques, networking advice, Résumé and cover letter drafting, and interview skills. NYU@NUS students will set up these sessions via phone or videoconference with counselors in New York.

Ongoing Résumé and cover letter review (provided via email).

On-line Job Search Tools: LL.M. students are provided with an OCS account powered by Symplicity, an on-line web-based job search system including job listings, interview programs, OCS events, and other important career resources. This is our primary means of communication with NYU Law students, thus it is very important that you keep your Symplicity account up-to-date.

OCS Career Publications: students are provided with numerous OCS publications about the LL.M. job search, including advice on job search resources, résumés, cover letters, alternative careers and interview skills.

OCS Career Resource Library: students are provided with a variety of online employment-related resources such as regional/national job listings, directories and publications, access to Vault guides and other research sources.

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