Career Services

Job Search Skills Training

As in the ancient parable, we are committed to teach each and every New York University School of Law student "how to fish." Through a wide range of interactive workshops and training programs, you will:

  • Develop skills in creating effective legal resumes, cover letters, and other employment-related correspondence
  • Hone your interviewing skills
  • Learn to conduct career research using both traditional and online resources
  • Gain experience and confidence in the techniques of networking and informational interviewing
  • Become adept at planning and implementing a multifaceted job search strategy

Opportunities to exercise and perfect these skills are numerousfrom videotaped mock interview training sessions to Practice Interview Evenings with alumni.

We also strive to move beyond the usual programs to introduce topics key to successful career and life management, including workshops on "How to Succeed as a Summer Associate" and "What You'd Really Like to Know about Quality of Life, Diversity, Flexible Work Arrangement, Parenting and Pro Bono at Law Firms."