Institute for International Law and Justice Colloquium

This colloquium will be offered in Spring 2016. Check back in prior to the Spring semester for the updated schedule.

Professors Benedict Kingsbury and Harlan Cohen

Spring 2015

Mondays (Vanderbilt Hall, Room 220) and Tuesdays (Furman Hall, Room 120)
[schedule varies]

2 Credits

This scholarly Colloquium each Spring examines major theoretical issues in international law. Class meets: Tues Jan 26-27; Feb 2-3; Feb 9-10; Mar 2-3; Mar 9-10; Mar 31; Apr 13-14; Apr 10-21-22. Papers will be presented periodically by leading scholars from around the world (Monday sessions). Mini-symposia may be held. Students are assigned to write three reaction papers which go to the speakers ahead of the public discussion sessions. Students also complete a short related research paper, and meet separately as a group in an intensive advanced international law seminar with the instructors (Tuesday sessions). The major aim is to expose students to cutting-edge ideas and deeper perspectives in thinking about the field, and to promote high-quality student scholarship with a view to publication as well as thoughtful reading of scholarly work. Some prior knowledge of international law or legal philosophy or international relations theory is essential.

Spring 2015 Schedule