Areas of Study



The Clinical and Advocacy Programs give students the opportunity to learn by doing, through representing real people with very real problems. Students can tackle a wide range of complex legal issues, from immigrants facing deportation and juveniles accused of serious crimes to defendants facing the death penalty.

NYU Law's clinical program has long been renowned for the quality of its faculty, the variety of its offerings, and the innovative structure of its curriculum. With 15 full-time clinical faculty and 41 clinics, the Law School provides students with unparalleled experiences in working with clients and communities to address urgent problems, influence public policy, and improve the quality of legal problem-solving.

A distinctive feature of our clinics: the faculty who teach them are tenured or tenure-track professors whose professional interest is the research and teaching they do at the Law School. The faculty-student ratio in clinical courses is extremely low (typically, a clinical faculty member teaches eight to 10 students), in order to ensure students have the intensive experience that the best of clinics should deliver.