Why NYU Law

A Tradition of Innovation

NYU Law has long taken a leadership role in introducing changes that have redefined legal education and served as models for other schools. 

Here are a few of our ground-breaking programs:

  • Lawyering Program: NYU Law's unique lawyering program covers the real-world skills that every lawyer needs to practice effectively and successfully.
  • Clinics: Our clinical program has long been renowned for the quality of its faculty and the variety of its offerings (there are 39 clinics in total). Two-thirds of our students take a clinic before graduating.
  • Interdisciplinary Knowledge: NYU Law has trailblazed work in law and philosophy, law and economics, and law and politics. Half of all our professors are involved in an interdisciplinary course or research, so students have a wide array of choices, including ten  colloquia on subjects as diverse as Innovation Policy and Legal History.
  • Global Opportunities: The Law School pioneered the concept of the “global law school”; we now have the leading program in the country, and a new NYU Law Abroad option for 3Ls to study in programs established and administered by the Law School in Buenos Aires, Paris, and Shanghai.
  • New Curricular Initiatives: To be sure NYU Law graduates are optimally equipped to compete in the 21st-century legal marketplace, NYU Law is launching several initiatives to enhance its curriculum. Read the New York Times story about the new steps.