NYU Law professors are leaders in a wide range of disciplines, actively engaged as theorists, practitioners, policymakers, and commentators. Students reap the benefits, as faculty members draw on their research and real-world experience in the classroom.

Leading Scholars With Influential Voices

NYU Law’s reputation for academic excellence is grounded in the scholarship of our faculty, which routinely draws accolades from the legal academy and beyond. Always part of the national conversation about important issues and ideas, NYU Law professors frequently publish opinion pieces in mainstream outlets like the New York TimesWashington Post, and Slate and are regularly sought out by news outlets to comment on current events. A growing number of faculty members are developing followings on Twitter, where they comment on everything from law and policy to sports and pop culture.

Academics Engaging With the World 

We pride ourselves on the fact that our scholars live in the real world, not in an ivory tower. Around the country and the globe, NYU Law professors engage directly with the most pressing issues of the day. They pursue matters that are before courts and regulatory agencies, testify before lawmakers, serve on commissions, and advise government entities, NGOs, and other organizations. 

Teachers Who Are Also Mentors

Law School professors often work closely with students on scholarship and other projects. This gives students the opportunity gain valuable experience outside the classroom and to build a relationship with a mentor who can help them lay the groundwork for a successful career.