Why NYU Law

Our Distinctive 1L Year

As a first-year student at NYU Law, you'll get the best possible foundation in both legal theory and practice.

Our renowned Lawyering Program covers the real-world skills every lawyer needs to practice effectively and successfully. With class sizes averaging just 30 students, Lawyering not only develops essential skills in legal research and writing, it also concentrates on activities basic to law practice: interviewing, counseling, case analysis, negotiation, and trial advocacy. 

Legislation and the Regulatory State (LRS), a specially designed class for 1Ls, recognizes the pervasive role of government in all area of law practice. LRS introduces the materials, concepts, and tools that lawyers need in a world of statutes and regulations. It also helps students better absorb the ideas and issues covered in Contracts, Criminal Law, Procedure, and Torts, all required first-year courses. (Property and Constitutional Law are mandatory too, but don’t need to be taken in the first year.)

Our wide range of 1L electives offer students with particular interests a chance to jump start their careers in an increasingly competitive legal environment. Students can choose among: Constitutional LawCorporationsIncome TaxationInternational Law, and Property.